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Art: A Human creative Skill

Hey there, I am amateur artist.Drawing are very important in my life and I am sure in yours too. Drawings not only enhances your creativity but also increases your focus in a work. Psychology says Colors and drawings brings positive energy in the one.

Sketching is a visual language, comprising symbols, notations, lines and figural representations. Without words, an artist must find a way to communicate through pictorial representations, and this affords us better decision-making skills

I made this when I 10 -11 year old. I was going outside with parents,in theĀ  way I saw horses . After seeing them I wished to make a horse so I did this.

Why is drawing a good hobby?

They can take your mind off anything that is stressing you out, and are a great way to enjoy yourself and let your mind rest. Drawing and sketching are great hobbies that you can do at any time.

Some reasons why drawing is a good hobby are:-

1) Rest and relaxation is one of the main advantages of sketching.. There are no rules and no one telling you what to do, you can just draw whatever you want and have fun while doing it.

2)Sketching can even improve your holistic health. As you build your self esteem and confidence through your art and your sketches as you become better and better.I makes you feel so good when you see your creation.

3)Sketching helps develop a number of different areas of your brain. You develop your ability to focus and pay attention, a skill that can be very useful throughout your life and career.

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